Almost all Greek islands are famed for their beaches and Naxos is no exception. From the soft sands and gently shelving waters of Agios Nikolaos beach in Chora to the almost continuous west coast beaches from the 2km long Agios Prokopios beach in the Northwest to the gently shelving and unspoilt Agiassos beach in the southwest. When you add the secluded beaches to the north of Chora and those on the east coast, you have an island that is truly blessed with beaches to suit everyone.

Eat Greek on Naxos, and generally you’ll enjoy bigger portions and more fresh, home-made food than in Athens or on islands overwhelmed by summer tourists.There is a growing number of chic bars and cafes offering a choice of filtered coffees, drinks, snacks, and sometimes a wide range of cakes and pastries, in Chora (aka Naxos town) and along the coast to Ag. Anna, plus a handful in the inland villages Halki/Filoti but most are closed November-March inclusive.

The cultural calendar is weighted towards the summer months, reaching its peak during July and August Naxos Festival to catch the influx of Greeks and foreigners on holiday. Many traditional festivals take place throughout the year. Most are tied in with the Greek Orthodox Church calendar, such as Kathari Dheftera (Clean Monday, heralding the beginning of the Lenten fast); others commemorate key moments in Greek history, such as independence from Turkish occupation.

The main sporting activities on Naxos are centred on sea, wind and summer.
The beaches of the south and south-west coast are hotspots for wind- and kite-surfing,
while traditional sailing (dinghy/catamaran) is confined shallow waters sheltered from the prevailing north wind. But the island's mountains and valleys, its network of traditional paths, are there to explore all through the year on foot, and there's a wealth of tantalizing dirt track routes for mountain bikers to explore.

Everyone pours into Naxos town (Chora) to do their main shopping, as this is where you’ll find everything from roadside pedlars selling homegrown produce to well-stocked supermarkets, galleries, touristical shops and fashion boutiques. Inland, Filoti and Halki are reasonably self-sufficient in useful stores, and there are small general stores, a butcher and a baker in bigger villages such as Tripodes (aka Vivlos), Melanes and Apeiranthos.

Here you can find a monthly up to date calendar for what's on in Naxos. New in the site is a monthly recipe by Inga. For easter she will tell her secret for how to make the perfect tsouraki. As well you will find the program of the open cinema, the Naxos Festival at the Bazeo Tower,.