NAWS – The Naxos Animal Welfare Society

A group of dedicated people who care about the welfare of stray and badly treated animals on Naxos.


Animal rescue, care, health, welfare, sterilisation, fostering, re-homing, help, support and education. Everything a neglected animal could need,  ALL of this work relies totally on unpaid volunteers who need your help and support to continue providing their excellent service to the needy and abandoned animals of Naxos.


With an animal shelter catering for around 40 abandoned dogs, up to a further 20 puppies in foster care at any one time, cat and dog sterilisations well into three figures EVERY year plus emergency animal care, resources are permanently stretched to the limit. Just feeding the puppies requires one large sack of dry food EVERY week.


Education is one of the best ways to improve all animal welfare and, since the start of 2016, NAWS has been taking the Animal Welfare message into local schools.


Contact number: (+30)6956133929  
Email : Naxos_aws@Ymail.Com

Please remember that all of this work relies totally on volunteers and financial donations.  Your physical help will ALWAYS be welcome and your financial donations (single or regular contributions) will help provide a better future for the abandoned and neglected animals of Naxos.


Veterinary fees and food costs are a giant and permanent headache for the Society so, if you are visiting our Greek island this year and would like to help, look out for our animal welfare collecting boxes, check us out on Facebook