It is our pleasure to announce the creation of the first Tennis Club on Naxos. Our dream and life goal has come true.

At our pleasant, scenic surroundings you can find 2 brand new tennis courts, ITF 4, Green Set surface made of artificial anti- slippage terrain of 9 layers (5 layers of state of the art cushion for vibrations absorption and injuries protection) plus a mini tennis court, specially designed for the young players’ needs.

Our complex is an ideal place for practice and training for those who play tennis or those who wish to take it up.

Apart from our excellent courts, you can find a nice lobby, dressing rooms and a spacious car park for our members.

Naxos Tennis Club was created by people full of passion for tennis wishing to offer a nice, well-organized setting, but above all, a setting approachable to all tennis fans.

Naxos Tennis Club

Chora Naxos
84300 Naxos
Tel: +30.2285027677
Mobile: +30.6945598807