to Naxos and the Cyclades is the jam-making shop Era, located at the heart of Halki where Yannis Mandenakis creates delicious jams and spoon sweets with the skills of a true craftsman.



Era's many products are sourced from the finest natural ingredients including fresh lemons, apricots, peaches, cherries, oranges and quinces, without use of additives or preservatives.




Era is more than a shop. A richly coloured facade leads to a traditional Halki interior of dark wood panelling with a state of the art jam-making room. Authenticity, style and, above all, great tastes are the hallmarks of this classic Naxian institution.


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HALKI lies at the center of Naxos and is only 20 minutes by road from Chora, the main town and harbour of the island. The village lies at the heart of Tragea, the triangle, which is also known by the ancient Greek name Drimalias, the forest of olive trees. The olive trees of Tragea originated hundreds of years ago in Venetian Naxos. They are deeply symbolic, not only of the Mediterranean Sea but also of the island heritage of Naxos.

Today, against this background of Cycladian tradition and culture, Halki has enjoyed a gentle renaissance. In Halki is the oldest distillery on Naxos, the Vallindras distillery, guardian of the island's tradition of kitron production. Surrounding the distillery and the Fish & Olive gallery is a small network of shops, cafés and restaurants that include the unique Era, specialists in the production of delicious jams and the famous 'spoon sweets' of Greece. The village kafeneion is the friendly heart of local life in Halki.