Everyone pours into Naxos town (Chora) to do their main shopping, as this is where you’ll find everything from roadside pedlars selling homegrown produce to well-stocked supermarkets, galleries, touristical shops and fashion boutiques.


Inland, Filoti and Halki are reasonably self-sufficient in useful stores, and there are small general stores, a butcher and a baker in bigger villages such as Tripodes (aka Vivlos), Melanes and Apeiranthos. In seasonal tourist spots such as Mikri Vigla and Kastraki, general stores open May-September.


A summer style shop right on the beach with unique items for you and your island home. Fashion - jewelry - art - baskets - ceramics - candles and .. Ideas for your home - island style! At Aegean Blue on the beach in Plaka.


The art potter Katharina Bolesch and the jewellery designer and craftsman Alexander Reichardt live and work in the village of Halki on the Cycladean island of Naxos, where their workshop, gallery and boutique, operate under the international name, Fish & Olive - Art of the Aegean. In the work of these two artists, the creative influences of the Cyclades and of Halki have resulted in a merging of the ancient themes and symbols of the Mediterranean world with a modern style of ceramics and jewellery.


POCKET GALLERY is not just a gallery but is more than a shop. We do sell art to hang on your walls but also to put on your table, hang on your arm, give as a gift and to put in the mail.

We offer paintings by artists who either live on the island or spend time here.



The workshop of Nassos Papakonstantinou sells one-of-a-kind pieces both sculptural and delicate. His father was a wood-carver; Nassos has inherited his talent. The shop has no sign—that is Nassos's style. From Naxos to Paris, from Paris to Athens and back to Naxos, working for some well known jewelry designers. You find his shop in the Old Market Street in Hora