We provide personal care and check your holiday home while you're not using it. 

Do you ever leave your holiday house in a hurry and forget to turn something off or wonder if your home "survived" the last rain or wind storm?
Do you need: Someone who take care of opening and closing your pools and get it cleaned during the season?

Someone who take care of gardening and/or check who's doing it?
Someone that manage condo costs, such as shared electricity bills, garden watering systems, etc.?
Someone who could get your house cleaned before you arrival? Someone to organize a repair service you need so badly?
We can provide custom property maintenance protection for your home and offers weekly, bi-monthly and monthly home checks.


From organizing pool cleaning, repair services to gardening, you can feel at ease knowing that your house is being well cared for. We provide you with regular updates regarding any problems, concerns or issues that may arise. It's all about peace of mind…

Our Standard Services are listed below and performed each visit to your property.

Property control can include:
Walk the perimeter of the home and check for overall condition, faulty or broken irrigation lines Storm Watch: check for damage caused by high winds
Check windows screens, doors and solar panels for any damage or signs of intrusion
Retrieve any deliveries to our office and place them inside your house. Check landscaping for potential problems
Check pool maintenance Run automobiles 

Comprehensive interior room-by-room walkthrough Visually check overall condition and security of the home Visually check for signs of water leaks Visually check signs of pest intrusion Check refrigerator and freezer; adjust settings accordingly Flush all toilets and wait until the run is complete Run air conditioner (as needed) Visually check for signs of mildew and mold Check to see electrical devises (lights, clocks, timers) are operating properly Water plants

..... Or whatever other specific needs you and your property might have.


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