One of the first wedding I captured was the wedding of Claire (Scotish) and Torstein (Norwegian) living in Dubai. I love this photo because eventhough Claire was fast awake, her expression tells me that she was dreaming her day to come ahead of her.

Picture yourself sitting infront of this white church overlooking the Aegean sea...

Claire and Torstein's wedding, an unforgettable day, with lots of special moments, lived by very special people.

Another wedding I captured, was the wedding of Aksana and Alexei at Medusa Resort. A Russian couple living in Belgium.

For the ceremony with a Russian touch, the bride and groom stand on a traditional wedding carpet and the officiant reads a welcoming speech and then asks the bride and groom to confirm their reason for being there.

As a photographer you meet so many beautiful people from different cultures and that makes your "job" everything but boring.

And I love to learn about their traditions, as for the Norwegians in the next wedding story ...

Stine and Amund. After photographing the wedding of Lars, Amund's brother, with Kristine, I was asked to join the family again in their wedding adventures.

When Stine, the bride left the table to visit the bathroom, all the ladies in the room quickly passed Amund and kissed him on the cheek and again, when Amund left the room for a few minutes, the gentlemen in the room got up and kissed the Bride.

I would love to meet you and live together your special wedding day in Naxos, Greece.

A place I have been living for the last 25 years, ,one of the most beautiful places in the world. A place that has brought me so much happiness.


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