To celebrate your Wedding Day in Naxos is getting more and more popular. As a wedding photographer, I have met couples from Dubai, Uganda, Norway, Belgium, Holland and many more countries. But how you plan a wedding on Naxos being far from the place your special day will take place?

You get connected to a Wedding Planner who has the extensive knowledge or ability based on research and experience, to make your day unforgettable!

We are an international team of creative professionals who love to design bespoke Weddings and Events. Weddings are famous for being the most romantic and most glorious celebrations on the Island. Based in Naxos since 2012 we are a full service Wedding and Events Company that takes  care of everything for you from papers to vows to music and cakes. is first with the most up to date Wedding trends and famous for the most stylish and modern Wedding decor.

For someone who is addicted to photographs, choosing a photographer to capture your special day can be a daunting thought.

Your wedding album should tell the story exactly as it was. An ultimate experience captured and travelling you back in time no matter how many years go by, with the beauty of Naxos Island for a background.

"For those couples who want to remember their wedding exactly as it was, in tiny details, in every look, in every motion ... Michele is a perfect choice. She is not only a cheerful and kind person who will be able to find common language with all the guests, no matter what country they are from, but above all a very professional photographer. Michele has the ability to fuse with the moment, to be at the same time “invisible” and omnipresent." A & A

From weddings to birthdays, we can create the perfect cake for you!

Mathiassos pastry-shop was founded in 1936 by Michael Mathiassos at the town of Naxos. Since then, it continously offers high-quality pastries and spoon-sweets to the consumers from Naxos and the neighbouring islands. You can find us close to AB supermarket and Pireas Bank, on the road that leads you to the villages of Naxos

The workshop of Nassos Papakonstantinou sells one-of-a-kind pieces both sculptural and delicate. His father was a wood-carver; Nassos has inherited his talent. The shop has no sign—that is Nassos's style. Have your unique rings designed and made by Nassos. You can find his shop in the Old Market Street in Hora Naxos.