by Gilly Cameron Cooper

Island life is shaped by the rhythms of the seasons and agricultural traditions; this is a working island which has not been destroyed by dependence on tourism and runaway development. It has a great past but also a lively present, making it a rewarding place to visit or live on at any time of the year. > Read more


Naxos preserves much of its traditional island environment and character because it is not on the package tourism circuit, and there’s no international airport. The 35-45-minute domestic flight to and from Athens runs most days throughout the year (up-to-date/olympic-a).
Cruise-like ferry journeys from Piraeus: High Speed (3.5 hours, mid March–end October); Blue Star (5 hours; twice a day but dropping to once sometime between November and March). Ferries are cancelled at wind force 8


The greatest range of holiday accommodation on Naxos is in and around Chora (Naxos town) and along the coastal strip to Ag. Anna, the most developed tourism areas. There you will find everything from three to four-star hotels to small, family-run rooms or ‘studio-apartments’ with ensuite shower, loo and kitchenette, at a fraction of the price. > Read more


There are many ways to explore an island that is rich in history, beauty and variety of landscape. For an overview or introduction, coach tours are available. Independent travellers can follow a guide book and hire transport or take their chances with the local bus service (which is more geared to school timetables than tourists). Locally based tour operators will give you a deep insight into the island’s history, mythology and natural history, and take you to places you would never discover on your own – even with a guide book.


INAXOS provides a complete guide to:
• what Naxos offers & how to make the most of it
• up-to-date information on events
• What to see, where to go, and what’s on
From shops, restaurants, bars to sporting activities and a monthly calendar. > Read more


Property Development has spread south-west of Naxos town (Hora), to border a string of magnificent strands from Agios Prokopios and Agia Anna to Orkos, Glyfada and Alyko, half-an-hour’s drive from town.

People from all over the world get married on Naxos. As a wedding photographer I have been witness to many weddings at the most stunning locations. So I decided to make a new page, helping couples finding all needed to celebrate on the island of Naxos.