The art potter Katharina Bolesch and the jewellery designer and craftsman Alexander Reichardt live and work in the village of Halki on the Cycladean island of Naxos, where their workshop, gallery and boutique, operate under the international name, Fish & Olive - Art of the Aegean.

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In the work of these two artists, the creative influences of the Cyclades and of Halki have resulted in a merging of the ancient themes and symbols of the Mediterranean world with a modern style of ceramics and jewellery. The pieces created by Fish & Olive range from unique items that are highly valued by international collectors to affordable objects of simple beauty. Only at Halki, and nowhere else on Naxos, will you find genuine and original jewellery and ceramics by Fish & Olive Creations.

The motif of the olive underpins Katharina’s stoneware and porcelain production but she also includes in her three-dimensional imagery, lizards, bees and frogs as well as the vine. Her work is entirely handmade, from the throwing over to the forming, and to the painting and glazing. Each piece is fired twice at a very high temperature to produce stoneware ceramics of great strength and durability.  

The boutique outlet for the Fish & Olive brand is located at the heart of Halki a few steps away from the Fish & Olive Gallery. The boutique stocks the exclusive ceramics of Katharina Bolesch and the jewellery of Alexander Reichardt. Also available are exclusive olive wood products as well as finest quality cotton T-shirts and cookery aprons featuring Fish & Olive design motifs. The boutique is also the exclusive outlet in the Cyclades for the award-winning extra-virgin olive oil produced by the Mercouri family from their biodynamic olive groves in the Peloponnese.

Katharina's partner and husband, Alexander, grew up in the Mediterranean world and has observed the marine environment with an artist's eye during many years of travel and through being a skilled scuba diver. He is a lifetime member of the Cousteau Divers and draws on his creative affinity with the sea to produce fish designs both as enhancements of Katharina's ceramics and for his own jewellery. Alexander also paints his fish motifs on paper and creates artifacts in other mediums, such as marble, textiles and wood.

The elegant gallery of Fish & Olive Creations was opened in 2006 by Mrs Niki Goulandris. Here, the hand-made ceramics and jewellery of Katharina Bolesch and Alexander Reichardt are displayed to their greatest effect. As well as the exclusive work of these accomplished artists, the gallery also presents paintings, etchings gouaches and aquarelles by national and international artists as well as lithographs by Fish & Olive Creations, lamps and sculptures in Naxian marble and unique olive tree sculptures in metal. 

AXIA INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL takes place every summer on the beautiful island of Naxos and proposes a wonderful journey full of music, art and special environmental activities.