Naxos has become the permanent home of many artists, including internationally known sculptors and potters. The island is famous for its quality marble and many artists from abroad and local artists have transformed Naxos marble into fabulous pieces of art. All artists inspired by the light and colours of the island.

Greek Design Gallery

At the heart of the atmospheric lanes of the OLD TOWN this is not just a gallery but more than a shop We offer works of art created on the Island including NAXOS MARBLE SCULPTURE by Peter Meir and paintings by Mette Rosenvinge, An Van Liede, Rosemary Bradshaw, Sylvia le Myn and Tim Elkington.


The cultural calendar is weighted towards the summer months, reaching its peak during July and August Naxos Festival to catch the influx of Greeks and foreigners on holiday. The Naxos Festival at Bazeos Tower, which began in the summer of 2001, was a bold and imaginative move to transform an exceptional 17th century landmark monument into a temple of learning and culture, fulfilling its original purpose in the present-day.


The art potter Katharina Bolesch and the jewellery designer and craftsman Alexander Reichardt live and work in the village of Halki on the Cycladean island of Naxos, where their workshop, gallery and boutique, operate under the international name, Fish & Olive - Art of the Aegean. In the work of these two artists, the creative influences of the Cyclades and of Halki have resulted in a merging of the ancient themes and symbols of the Mediterranean world with a modern style of ceramics and jewellery.


Many traditional festivals take place throughout the year. Most are tied in with the Greek Orthodox Church calendar, such as Kathari Dheftera (Clean Monday, heralding the beginning of the Lenten fast); others commemorate key moments in Greek history, such as independence from Turkish occupation.


In Naxos there are 90 counted olive press buildings. Not many are saved from time, or their use has been altered (they have become residences). Most of which are located in the central and mountainous Naxos, as the olive oil production there is bigger. In the lowland the olive press is called "tri(g)os" as in the mountainous "fabrika". Eggares Olive Press is situated in Eggares Village on the main road, easy accessible.