Almost all Greek islands are famed for their beaches and Naxos is no exception. From the soft sands and gently shelving waters of Agios George Beach in Chora to the almost continuous west coast beaches from the 2km long Agios Prokopios Beach in the Northwest to the gently shelving and unspoilt Agiassos beach in the southwest. When you add the secluded beaches to the north of Chora and those on the east coast, you have an island that is truly blessed with beaches to suit everyone.


Not just an organised beach, but also a village offering holiday accommodation, shops, tavernas, restaurants, designer boutiques, a port area and a delightful church on the cliff top overlooking the village and surrounding areas. Agia Anna offers something for everyone whether you want to sunbathe, swim, eat and drink, explore or browse the local shops and boutiques.


Clear turquoise waters and an undeveloped sandy beach. What more could be needed to complete a day of peaceful relaxation in a beautifully secluded bay? Bring your own cooler, water and other refreshments and prepare for a day of tranquility. Alyko is also known for its uncompleted hotel complex (over 40 years old) and the work of WD, aka Wild Drawing, a Balinese street artist who spend the summer of 2015 creating some of his exceptional drawings around the hotel complex.


As with so many of the beautiful beaches on Naxos, Agios Georgios is not just for when the sun is high in the sky. Nothing could be better than finishing your day enjoying a candlelit meal under the stars at Ippokampos Café Restaurant or at one of the regular beach barbecue nights at the Flisvos Beach Café



3.5 km of golden sand and crystal clear waters and dunes stretching from Agia Anna in the North to Plaka village in the south. A single unmade road runs the length of the beach which has plenty of open spaces between the stands of sunbeds provided (often free) by the many hotels, cafes, bars, restaurants and tavernas lining the road. Plaka is an ideal place to swim and sunbathe all day, enjoy a sundowner by a pool or under a beach umbrella and enjoy the sunsets whilst enjoying your evening meal by the beach.


With almost a kilometer of unspoilt fine sand and gently shelving, crystal clear water, this gem of a beach sits near to the south-western corner of Naxos. Being almost totally undeveloped, it offers more than enough peace, quiet and enjoyment to justify your visit whilst still being close enough to some lovely fish tavernas when hunger beckons.



With 2 km of course sand and crystal clear water, this is one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. It offers sunbeds and open spaces backed by ample car parking throughout its length, a cliff top restaurant giving panoramic views, and all the other tourist related outlets one would expect. Sheltered as it is from the prevailing north winds, this is my favourite place on Naxos for a swim.


Two totally different beaches either side of a headland on the west coast of Naxos. North of the headland and open to the prevailing winds is the full-on high octane Partheno beach which is home to windsurfers and kitesurfers from beginners to world class. South of the headland is the family friendly Limanaki beach which is ideal for those wanting a more relaxed atmosphere.


High summer temperatures on Naxos are modified by sea breezes, though these can be strong. In winter, there may (rarely) be snow on the beach and days of driving wind and rain interspersed with shirt-sleeve sunshine. But average daily sunlight hours (4.5 hours November–March) are well over double those for the UK winter, for example. Average temperatures rise from 15-17 C in winter to 28 C in July and August.